The Pike and Powder Publishing Group, LLP offers a unique blend of boutique attention with powerhouse support.  Principles Vince Rospond and Roger Williams collectively have over sixty five years in publishing experience, a network of professional connections and support staff, a keen sense of the marketplace, and a passion for their projects.

We prefer, although we do not insist, that your project is represented by a literary agent.   After you browse our web site you will understand our interests. If you have a project you would like to submit for our consideration, we ask that you:

  1. Provide us with the proposed book title and, if applicable, SubTitle.
  2. Tell us on what shelf your book belongs in the bookstore; or more specifically, how would an online bookseller categorize your book?
  3. How many words is your manuscript? If your manuscript is not complete, how many words do you think it will be and when will it be completed.
  4. How many illustrations and or maps do you propose?
  5. Prepare a one or two sentences that will be your “elevator handle”. How would you describe your project to someone while traveling in an elevator from the fifth floor to the lobby. You have ten seconds.
  6. Now write a query paragraph. If you were to write your own book jacket flap copy, in the third person, how would that read?
  7. Finally, tell us who you are. In one paragraph, tell us about your credentials. Why are you uniquely qualified to write this book and what is your platform and ability to reach your intended reader.

Send your query to

If you would some insight on how we evaluate a project here is our general checklist:

  1. The “Hook” ~ An elevator pitch that is impactful and inspires action. A “why” that is deeply meaningful to the target persona. The ability to complete the following statement in less than two sentences. “Oh my gosh, I LOVED this book, and you will to. It’s about…”
  2. The Story, or the Subject ~ A subject book buyers care about, or a story that propels the reader forward consistently throughout the book – need to see an Annotated Table of Contents. (It’s also a big plus if it’s on a subject or story I care about). A Subject, or characters that the reader cares about – who is the demographic?  A story, or subject the reader wants to share with others (…the virtual “water cooler” effect)
  3. The Writing ~ Mastery of Narrative (language, dialogue). Research. Character development (fiction). How much work is needed to submit the project to publishers, either on the materials, or the manuscript?
  4. The Author ~ Where does the author live? Personal platform to reach an audience.  Industry/author/bookseller/librarian connections? Reputation within given field? Active and engaged – willing to try new things and make connections to sell the book
  5. Title/SubTitle/”flap copy” ~ A Title/SubTitle combo that is memorable and impactful (though this will likely be changed by the time a book gets published). A description that reads like hardcover book flap jacket copy.
  6. Comparative Titles ~ What three books were published in the past eighteen months that illustrate the demographic audience for the project? There is no such thing as “there is no other book like this”…Bonus points : Provide ISBNs for at least one edition of each comp title.
  7. Annuity ~ Is this a one shot deal, or does the author have more projects down the road(in the same genre)?  Is this a flash sale, or “evergreen” backlist i.e. will is sell over a long period of time.
  8. Do the first 5 pages…propel the reader into the story…Leave the reader desperate to read more?

Not every project will pass each of these criteria points with flying colors. But these are points we consider.