Our Imprints

 Knox Press is a tribute to Henry Knox (July 25, 1750 – October 25, 1806). Knox was a Boston bookseller turned military officer of the Continental Army and later the United States Army. He also served as the first United States Secretary of War from 1789 to 1794. Knox Press publishes distinctive books on American Military History from academic and pubic historians. We look to present books on strategy, tactics, and the social aspects of military history for the general reader and for historians.

Liberty Bell Press offers books on American history for younger readers. We look for excellence in writing, storytelling and illustration for children’s historical non-fiction and fiction focused on the events and personalities that have shaped the United States since the country’s founding.

The Nafziger Collection has been developed over the course of many years by noted historian George Nafziger who has combined hard to find translations with fantastic original research on all eras of military history.  Previously only available through Dr. Nafziger, this collection is being re-formatted and edited for the general book trade in print and ebooks

Poplar Press presents popular fiction and non-fiction titles with historical, political and social themes...a few biographies and memoirs

Winged Hussar Publishing is named after the famous winged cavalry of the Polish Renaissance, made famous by their relief at the siege of Vienna in 1683.  Winged Hussar focuses primarily on military history with a special interest in Eastern European history.  We present excellent books on history, tactics, organization and uniforms from ancients to modern day. In addition we are translating books into English from hard to find sources. available in print and ebooks.

Zmok Books is a derivation of the Slavic word for "dragon".  Zmok Publishes outstanding fiction in genre science fiction & fantasy, horror, action and adventure. We have developed several series that tie into gaming universes as well as original SF&F by talented authors.  You can find our books in print, ebook and audio formats.